Vendor Client Relationships (In a real world setting)

Case Study

The challenge

Budgets are shrinking, clients expect more for their dollar. We get that. Not only do we have our own experience, we hear stories from our clients and our vendors. So, armed with a camera and our tongues planted firmly in-cheek, we set out to have a little fun with an issue that can sometimes be a bit delicate.

The solution

We pitched ideas around the lunch table, told stories of our own, recounted stories that had been told to us, and came up with three characters that we felt could bring some humor to issue. And so, on a lazy Saturday, we got together and got to work.

Recognition and results

2 million (and counting) YouTube hits. Addy awards at the local, regional, and national level. And hundreds of comments, e-mails, phone calls, handshakes. We struck a universal truth, and people from all walks of life, doctors to tow-truck drivers all said, “This happens to me too!”