Full moon and mid-autumn festival

Release date:2020-08-03

#Hongsheng reform Establishment Seventeen Years# Written on the 17th anniversary of Hongsheng Reformation-Lu Bing

For Hongsheng, I am a 9-year-old veteran employee. I have witnessed climbing, sunshine, wandering, wind and rain. We dare to dare to fight, but we will not chase the trend impulsively; we are sentimental and righteous, but we will not succumb to blind obedience; we are honest and honest, act openly, sincerely innovate, and dedicate ourselves to ourselves and to let everyone hear "Hongsheng "The people with the word two have a warm heart and full of confidence! Hongsheng’s home, happy 17th birthday!

#Hongsheng Reform Establishment Seventeen Years# Human Resources Department-Zhang Qian

The sun and the moon are reincarnated, and the stars are changing. On this occasion, the Human Resources Center wishes the group company an early completion of the transformation and upgrading, overcome difficulties, stable operation, abundant talents, fruitful results, and more and more brilliant. Youth is so beautiful, and the timing is fast. The future is uncertain, so work hard.

#Hongsheng was reformed and established for seventeen years# Human Resources Department-Cheng Jing
As far as your dream is, you can go as far as you can.
Seventeen years of glory awaits us with more severe challenges.
Looking forward to the future, we wish together:
The new sprouts of the old tree, thousands of miles;
Push the new old together, let’s spend the summer together;
Never forget the original intention, mutual aid is the source;
Lofty ambitions, new Qihong chapter!

Shangrao Branch

Zhou Hui: Seventeen years of prosperous years, seventeen years of spring and autumn, ushered in the seventeenth anniversary, at this moment: let us say affectionately: Hongsheng Jianye, happy birthday to you! May you go better and better in the days to come, go smoothly, and become more brilliant as you go!

Zheng Guisheng: Seventeen years are very short, six thousand two hundred and ten days. In the long river of history, it is just a small wave. In that era full of opportunities and challenges, you brought the ardent expectations of many people and fell to the ground. ;In the season of beauty and harmony and the recovery of everything, you ushered in your seventeenth birthday: At this moment: let us say affectionately: Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd., I wish you a happy birthday! May you go further and further in the days to come Well, the more you go, the smoother you go, the more brilliant you go!

Yin Yuqi: By chance, I joined the big family of Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd. Some seeming accidents often change the weight and color of a person's life. In these days working in Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd., I have felt my own changes, and also felt the changes of Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd. Your love warms the world, and your success shines with your life. The brilliant brilliance came out. I am honored to work for this loving company. On the occasion of the company's seventeenth anniversary, I sincerely wish the company a more brilliant tomorrow!

Xu Jun: He Xi gongs and drums, headed by Mount Taishan and Five Sacred Mountains, you are forty-eight thousand years old, reopening the world to write Spring and Autumn, construction period and quality are strictly controlled, seventeen years of safety and flawlessness, thoughtful service, warm heart, innovative triumph every year Play, stride forward with great ambition, and look forward to the future like a beautiful flower.

Liu Fangfang: The numbers are easy to spring and autumn, and the prosperity is flourishing; for several years of hard work, fruitful results. In the past seventeen years, the company has completed countless transformations, only quantity and time have changed. What has not changed is the persistence in our hearts. "Creating high-quality projects and creating a better life" is the company's core value. Hongsheng uses its own integrity and professional service quality to continuously innovate and develop steadily. On this occasion, as a member of the company, we should look forward to the future, move towards new goals, be confident, work together, forge ahead, and create success together. I also wish Hongsheng Jianye to continue the past in China's construction industry, bravely climb the peak, and create a better tomorrow for the enterprise!

He Haili: Since 2002, the achievements in the past 17 years are the result of the hard work of all our Hongsheng employees. In the past 17 years, in the ever-changing business environment, we have experienced both good times and difficult times, feeling the joy and tasting the worries, but the mission of the company has brought the hearts of Hongsheng people together, united and together. Seventeen years of ups and downs have passed. Behind these achievements and experience, what shines is the enthusiasm, wisdom, hard work and diligence of our Hongsheng company employees, and the sincere support and dedication of all the families of our Hongsheng employees are infused. The 17th anniversary of the establishment of Hongsheng reform , I congratulate us and extend my best wishes to Hongsheng! I hope that in the next and the next seventeen years, we will still be together.

Guan Shurui: At the end of the long wind and the waves, hang the clouds and sail to the sea, Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd., we will walk with you, although the road ahead will be longer, but each of us Hongsheng people are full of pride and passion Flying, exchange your burning youth for the dream of flying! In the future, we Hongsheng people will create a more brilliant future. We will walk hand in hand and wait and see!

Feng Chengpeng: Time flies, we are in the same boat; one hard work, one harvest! Adhering to the tenet of honesty, stability, innovation and dedication, the company actively expands the market inside and outside the province, and its comprehensive strength has been significantly enhanced; it has achieved remarkable results in economic and technical indicators, engineering construction quality and spiritual civilization construction; Hongjian With a vigorous posture, people have gone through seventeen years of ups and downs, seventeen years of one heart and one heart, and seventeen years of leapfrog development. I wish Hongjian's "ship" all the smooth sailing, cutting through the waves, going forward bravely, and creating another great cause! Create another glory!