Hongjianji Renfa (2020) No. 8

To resist the employment winter, Hongsheng hardcore assists.
Recruiting talents against the trend, six hundred jobs came.
"Great Recruitment Bole Award"

In order to broaden the company's talent recruitment channels, improve the efficiency and quality of talent introduction, stimulate the enthusiasm of internal recommendation by employees, encourage all channels of society to recommend outstanding talents to join Hongsheng, and help implement the large-scale recruitment plan of Hongsheng system, this method is hereby formulated.

1. Scope of application This system is applicable to people from all walks of life, all employees of the group and its subsidiaries. However, for the sake of fairness, the following persons are not included in the award scope:
1. Employees in the human resource center and the personnel department and recruitment department of each branch company.
2. The referrer and the referee have a direct superior relationship.

2. Principles of Talent Recommendation:
1. Adhere to the principle of having both ability and political integrity, putting morals first, and selecting the best.
2. Adhere to the same treatment during the recruitment process and shall not treat them differently. Regardless of the position of the recommender, the Human Resources Center must strictly follow the recruitment process to make appointments, interviews, academic verification and background checks on the recommendees.
3. The prerequisites for the recommended person:
(1) The person being recommended does not have any criminal record;
(2) Agree with the company's values and corporate culture;
(3) Have good professional qualities.
4. The interviewers of the Human Resources Center and the employing department must comprehensively evaluate the recommendees and select the best candidates. Resolutely refuse to hire personnel who do not meet the job requirements.
5. The recommender must promise that the personal information provided by the recommended is true and accurate. If there is any fraudulent behavior, the rewards issued under this system will be withdrawn after verification. If losses are caused to the company as a result, the recommender shall be held jointly liable.

3. Validity period: This method is effective within one year after its issuance.

4. Internal recommendation process:
1. The Human Resource Center announces the "Recruitment" plan on various social channels, external platforms and internal platforms of the company, specifying the required positions and corresponding job responsibilities and job requirements.
2. The recommender must fully understand the relevant information of the recruitment position, and send the electronic version of the resume and relevant information of the recommender to the designated mailbox of the human resources center by email, and indicate the recommender and recommended position in the email.
Cheng Jing chengjing@hsjy.com Bai Xuebaixue@hsjy.com Zhu Danhong zhudanhong@hsjy.com 3. After receiving the recommended resume, the Human Resources Center will include the candidate in the normal recruitment process, namely resume screening, appointment, interview, salary setting, etc. Link.
4. The candidate has passed the company's interview, formally entered the job, and the probation period has ended and successfully turned positive, which is deemed to be a successful recommendation. Referees can apply for "Internal Referral Reward" from the Human Resources Center.
5. After receiving the referrer's application, the Human Resources Center will review it in accordance with the provisions of these Measures, and issue rewards in accordance with the provisions of these Measures after approval.

5. Reward standard:

6. Reward distribution:
1. Within seven working days after joining the referee, 30% of the reward amount will be distributed, and 70% of the reward amount will be distributed within three working days after conversion.
2. If the referee resigns before becoming a regular employee, no referral award will be paid.

7. Other:
1. If the recommended candidate matches the resume collected through self-investment or recommendation in various recruitment websites, forums, headhunting, various intermediaries, job fairs and other channels used by the company, it will be regarded as a recruiter in the company's human resources center , No reward will be given;
2. If the recommended person has served in the group, branch or subsidiary, it does not fall within the scope of these Measures;
3. If during the recommendation process, the same situation as the referee occurs, the first referrer will be rewarded based on the email sending time, and the subsequent referrer will not be rewarded.

8. Supplementary Provisions: This method is formulated and interpreted by the Group Human Resources Center.

Keyword: Big Recruitment Bole Award
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Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd. Issued on April 29, 2020
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