Hongsheng Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd

Hongsheng Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd.: it is a large-scale group super enterprise of General Construction in China, a national high-tech enterprise, a demonstration enterprise of China's information construction, and a top 100 growth enterprise of China's construction industry. The total assets are more than 10 billion yuan, and the annual construction capacity is more than 10 billion yuan. Business scope: construction, capital management, IT technology and other fields. Its subsidiaries include: Shanghai Construction Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 838581), Shangrao Construction Technology Industrial Park Investment Management Co., Ltd., Hongsheng construction investment group Philippines Co., Ltd.

The group company has special grade qualification for general contracting of housing construction, grade I qualification for general contracting of highway engineering, municipal public engineering, etc. The company has 982 management talents, including 52 with senior professional titles, 431 with intermediate professional titles and 251 registered construction engineers.

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  • The group has special qualification for general contracting of construction engineering, grade I qualification for general contracting of municipal and highway construction, grade I qualification for specialized contracting of highway pavement, highway subgrade and building decoration, grade II qualification for general contracting of water conservancy and hydropower and electromechanical engineering, grade III qualification for general contracting of Railway Engineering, grade III qualification for specialized contracting of foundation and steel structure, and grade III qualification for general contracting of mine construction, In addition, the group also has relevant qualifications such as real estate development, blasting and demolition, urban landscaping, construction labor subcontracting and foreign project contracting license.
    Up to now, the group has won 2 ministerial Highway Engineering Science and technology innovation achievement awards, 1 ministerial construction method award, 11 provincial construction method awards, 4 national utility model patents and 2 invention patents, 18 provincial honor awards such as magnolia, azalea, Tianfu cup, etc., and 16 municipal excellent projects. The group was jointly awarded the title of "advanced collective for post Wenchuan earthquake recovery and reconstruction" by the Ministry of human resources and social security, the national development and Reform Commission and the General Political Department of the PLA. The group is also the representative unit of the third member of China highway construction industry association, the first class transportation enterprise of safety production standardization, the AAA credit enterprise of national construction industry, and the famous trademark of Jiangxi Province.

  • Shangrao prefabricated construction industry demonstration base is operated and managed by Shangrao Chengtou Yuansheng Co., Ltd., which is a joint venture between the group and Shangrao City Investment and Yuanda residential industry. Mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of prefabricated concrete components and related products. On March 16, 2020, the first batch of PC components put into use.
    The "Jianye Silicon Valley" China (Shangrao) construction science and Technology Industrial Park invested and operated by the group covers an area of 220 mu, and 180 mu of supporting building Park in the East, with a total construction area of 450000 square meters and a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan. With the promotion of industrial transformation and upgrading as its own responsibility and low-carbon ecology as its characteristics, the park gathers new materials, new technologies and new equipment in the construction industry to build a large industrial agglomeration platform for CO creation, sharing and win-win situation, and has become a first-class domestic construction industry chain operation service provider.

Established in 2012, Shanghai Jianye Information Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.The company keeps on updating and optimizing the technology of stamping management by integrating electronic signature and smart stamping products to provide customers with more intelligent risk control services

The "Jianye Silicon Valley", created by the Shangrao Municipal Government and the Group, is a gathering place for upstream and downstream enterprises in the construction industry chain across the country, and an incubator for the development of digital intelligence in the construction industry. As a service provider of the construction industry, Shangrao Construction Technology Industrial Park Investment Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of the group, has built a service system of "one core, two engines and eight services". The park is the core of the entire service system, relying on "industry optimization" and "wisdom". Leading the two major engines and escorting the development of the construction industry through eight services including "forward-looking information", "policy support", "conference economy", "supply and demand resource allocation", "smart digital", "comprehensive finance", "global promotion" and "industrial worker training".

The group obtained the foreign import and export trade license in June 2017. After more than three years exploration, the group has obtained a medical device business license, and can engage in the trading of medical device materials in the first, second and third categories in accordance with the law. In addition, the group also has the qualifications for foreign contracting projects, it also can dispatch labor personnel required to implement overseas projects.