Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Jiangxi Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd., was registered in the former Guangfeng County of Shangrao City. On September 18, 2012, the party branch of the former Guangfeng County Construction Bureau of Shangrao City was approved to establish the Communist Party of China Jiangxi Hongsheng Jianye The Party Branch of the Investment Group Co., Ltd., in 2016, the company was renamed Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd., and its registration place was moved to Shangrao High-speed Railway Economic Experimental Zone, according to the Party Working Committee of Shangrao High-speed Railway Economic Experimental Zone (Rao Gao Party Character ﹝2018﹞55) The document was approved and the party branch of the CCP Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd. was established, and the organizational relationship is under the party working committee of the Shangrao High-speed Railway Economic Pilot Zone.

As of now, there are 53 party members in total, of which 38 are party members registered in organizational relations, 15 are party members who have not been transferred to their posts, and 18 are female party members. The average age of party members is 36, the youngest is 23, and the oldest is 67. All party members have a college degree or above. Approved by the Party Working Committee of the Shangrao High-speed Railway Economic Pilot Zone, the group re-elected in November 2019 and elected a new branch committee. The new branch committee consists of 5 people, namely: Group vice chairman Zhou Jinwang concurrently serving as the party Branch Secretary and Director of the Group’s Director Office Jin Hui concurrently served as Deputy Party Branch Secretary, Group Director Comrade He Dan concurrently served as an organization member, Group Supervisor Comrade Cheng Cheng concurrently served as a Discipline Inspection Commissioner, and Group Qualification Department Manager Xu Jun concurrently served as a Propaganda Commissioner. There are 6 party groups under the party branch, and a full-time party cadre is assigned. The party building office is located on the ninth floor of the group headquarters.

In recent years, in order to strengthen the party building work with the characteristics of private enterprises in the new era, the group’s party branch has adopted the theme of "Party building gathers strength, and the original intention of Hongsheng is not forgotten", with "The branch is built on the project, the party flag is floating on the construction site" As the main line, in accordance with the requirements of the "three modernizations" standards, actively strive to create a red flag demonstration point and create a special brand of party building for private construction enterprises.

1. Concentrate on the leadership of party building and build a red enterprise.

Focusing on the group's annual party building work goals and responsibilities, strictly implement the five basic systems, continuously strengthen the team's own construction, and consolidate the grassroots battle fortress. Make full use of DingTalk, WeChat and other platforms to establish party members’ learning and education WeChat groups and party branch work groups, open “online classrooms, cloud lectures”, and urge party members and middle-level executives to log in to “learning power” every day to learn, and conduct weekly studies Check the rating. Closely deepen the education of "Don't forget the original heart, keep the mission in mind" and "Four History" every month, carry out thematic party day activities, effectively strengthen the "Four Consciousness" and "Two Maintenance" of all party members, and firmly strengthen the idea of loving the party, the country and the enterprise Foundation.

2. Run the "Hongsheng Party School" well and cultivate a red team.

Make full use of the two major resource platforms of the group headquarters, "Hongsheng Party School" and "Legal Affairs Study Room", organize party members and senior management to regularly "return to furnace", add steel and quench, temper the party spirit, improve quality, and cultivate a group of "conviction, loyalty, reliability, and quality" Backbone talents who are comprehensive and daring to act.

3. It is to create a "red construction site" and inherit the red gene.

At each project site, set up party building service stations or temporary party branches, establish youth civilized demonstration posts, and party member vanguard commandos, and give full play to the vanguard role of party members. In the fight against the new crown epidemic this year, the group established two vanguard commandos composed of party members and young backbones. They performed very quickly and extraordinaryly and successfully completed the assistance mission of two projects of Shangrao Second People’s Hospital. The leaders of Shangrao City and all walks of life were widely praised, and 7 outstanding employees were identified as activists for joining the party.