Hongsheng mission: to create a better environment for human life

Hongsheng people believe that: human life must have quality, and this quality is reflected in the environment of life; Hongsheng people must take the creation of a better life for mankind as their responsibility.

Hongsheng’s core values: creating high-quality projects and creating a better life

As long as the project is done by Hongsheng people, it must be a high-quality project; Hongsheng people only focus on high-quality products;
Through casting high-quality projects, it can bring a high-quality life to the society and owners, and at the same time bring superior living conditions to the employees of the company.

Hongsheng tenet: integrity, stability, innovation, dedication

  • Steady: is the pace at which Hongsheng people act
  • Integrity: is the yardstick for Hongsheng people to do things
  • Innovation: requires us to continue to improve, because we will perish without innovation
  • Dedication: is the unregrettable pursuit of Hongsheng people

Hongsheng criteria: ensure the completion of the task, never make excuses

Ensuring the completion of the task reflects the spirit of Hongsheng people in fighting tough battles, and bravely accepting and challenging;
Never find excuses to reflect the sentiment of Hongsheng people who dare to be responsible for the results of actions and take responsibility for themselves.

Hongsheng training: self-discipline, continuous development

Everyone in the company is a process of self-cultivation and self-learning;
The company is also a training process in the industry. Every one of us knows that today is not the era of big fish eating small fish, but the era of fast fish eating slow fish. Without learning, you cannot grasp first-hand information, without learning, there is no innovation and progress; without learning, you will be surpassed by competitors; in short: learning ability = competitiveness.
Sustained development is our pursuit, and we vowed not to be an epiphany; Hongsheng will always have an everlasting foundation.