• Established Overseas Department, established a branch in Singapore, and fully entered the international market

  • Won the Top 100 Private Enterprises in Jiangxi Province

  • Investment in the construction of Shangrao Construction Technology Industrial Park housing construction general contracting qualifications promoted to special grade Shanghai Jianye Information Technology Co., Ltd. "New Third Board" listed

  • The headquarter of the group moved to Shanghai, the construction of Jianye Technology Building was completed and used, and it was rated as one of the top 100 growth companies in the construction industry

  • The group was changed from Jiangxi Hongsheng Jianye Group Co., Ltd. to Hongsheng Jianye Investment Group Co., Ltd.

  • Established a subsidiary, Shanghai Jianye Information Technology Co., Ltd.

  • The group was awarded "Advanced Collective for Post-Wenchuan Earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction" by three national ministries and commissions

  • Group headquarters moved to Nanchang, Jiangxi

  • Moved to the Yangtze River Delta market and established the company headquarters in Shanghai

  • Acquired and reorganized Jiangxi Municipal Public Works Corporation under the Jiangxi Provincial Construction Department

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