Hongsheng Jianye Talent Concept "Five Always"

1. Always be loyal and sincere.

We will not act as if it is wrong, do not cheat, do not commit rape, and resolutely achieve the same breath, common destiny, and heart-to-heart with the development of the group.

2. Always respect the law and obey the law (respect the system and obey the rules).

Resolutely realize that "the law cannot be authorized and cannot be done, and there is no rule to make a circle", and consciously accept audit and full supervision.

3. Always be knowledgeable.

Efforts should be made to strengthen study and research, and strive to become expert technical personnel with "professional skills, sophisticated technology, and clear regulations".

4. Always work hard.

We must work harder, work harder, and work harder than others, achieve scientific development, and achieve leapfrogging and surpassing.

5. Always be diligent and clean.

Resolutely rectify the "fear, slow, fake, mediocre, and loose" and other bad habits, and vigorously advocate the work style of "do everything right away, everyone nails nails, and everyone dares to take responsibility", diligent, productive, honest and dedicated.