Zhou jinhu, chairman of Hongsheng construction investment group, was born in Guangfeng City Jiangxi province. He is a member of CPC and the Standing Committee of Shangrao Municipal People’s Congress, co-chairman of Shangrao Chamber of Commerce and Shanghai Shangrao Chamber of Commerce, vice president of the Association Shangrao Overseas Exchange, Executive Vice President of Shangrao Chamber of Commerce in North America, Vice President of National Defense Education Foundation in Shanghai, and a pre-appointed officer of Shanghai Army Reserve High Artillery Division.

In 2002, he founded Hongsheng Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., which has become a national construction general contracting company with special qualifications. It has branches in more than 20 provinces across the country and ranks among the top 100 private enterprises in China; in 2012, he founded Shanghai Jianye Technology, which was awarded as a national high-tech enterprise in the following year, and was listed on the New Third Board in 2016 [Stock Code: 838581]. Since 2016, it will invest in the construction of the city's key project "Shangrao Construction Technology Industrial Park".Since 2016, he provided China's first construction industry service provider-"Jianye Silicon Valley", striving to create the first domestic construction industry digital demonstration park, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry.

Engaged in the construction industry for more than 30 years, he has been actively working on social responsibility, led participate in the post-earthquake assistance construction in Wenchuan, Sichuan. With the core value of "casting quality projects, creating a better life", it has undertaken hundreds of large and small projects.And won more than 20 ministry and provincial (municipal) quality engineering awards.

Personal honor
  • - In June 2012, Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government commended individuals for first-class merit
  • - 2014 "Leader in Entrepreneurship" in Zhabei District, Shanghai
  • - 2015, 2016, 2017 outstanding reserve officer
  • - In 2017, "Jiangxi Province Returned to the Hometown to Invest Outstanding Jiangxi Merchants", "Rao Merchants Return to Entrepreneur Pioneers"
Message from the Chairman

Hongsheng Construction has always adhered to the core value of "casting high-quality projects and creating a better life". As a requirement for Hongsheng Construction and a solemn commitment to society. Faith is benevolence, and the wise keep making progress. We always regard "integrity, stability, innovation, dedication" as the core essentials for development.

From starting a small business to establishing a conglomerated group, we continue to "strengthen the main business and extend the development", expand new areas horizontally, extend the industrial chain vertically, and intervene in related industries; continue to work towards the high-end market and move closer to the cutting-edge trend. We have always been in line with industry changes. Advance to help the industry progress.

In the future, under the guidance of the new era, new strategy, and new leap forward, we will continue to strengthen our sense of responsibility, improve work efficiency, and actively advocate the business philosophy of “building a large platform, creating a large alliance, and sharing a large service” to attract more The industry elites and outstanding enterprises join and develop together to build a service platform for the upstream and downstream value chain of the construction industry, and ultimately realize the great development, great benefits and great future of the construction people and the industry.